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2017年12月1-8日, 专注于跨国企业交易及相关事务的咨询公司赫力晟中国 在中国上海(12月4号),深圳(12月5日),成都(12月6日),北京(12月8日)举办以投资致胜为主题的路演研讨会。


2017年12月1-8日, 专注于跨国企业交易及相关事务的咨询公司赫力晟中国 (简称Horizons) 在中国上海(12月4号),深圳(12月5日),成都(12月6日),北京(12月8日)举办以投资致胜为主题的路演研讨会。 这个在中国法律和商业实践领域拥有逾30年的深厚经验,服务范围包括公司跨境交易及与之相关业务的专业企业咨询机构,势必在本地将刮起一阵投资制胜之道的风暴。

  From Dec 1st to Dec 8th, Horizons China(abbreviated as Horizons),which focused on cross-border transactions, will host a multi-city roadshow seminar programme in Shanghai (4 December), Shenzhen (5 December), Chengdu (6 December) and Beijing (8 December). Horizons is a Shanghai-based corporate advisory with 30-plus years of invaluable expertise in China legal and business practices. Serving cross-border corporate transactions and their related aspects, providing clients with comprehensive legal, tax and governance solutions.

  研讨会名为“投资致胜之道”,是启动China Collaborative Group(CCG)的第一步, 内容包括CCG简介、CCG顾问专题讨论、问答环节和其他相关活动。目标是帮助企业在“一带一路”倡议下成功跨境扩展业务,将国内企业与全球商业利益完美对接,实现更多可能。

  The seminar named as “winning ways of investment”, is the first step to introduce China Collaborative Group (CCG). The event will be comprised of an introduction to CCG, panel discussions with CCG advisors, Q&A sessions with attendees and other related activities. It is a seminar introduction to corporate advisory solutions designed for Belt and Road Initiative cross-border transactions, overseas cooperation and business excellence.

  Horizons&CCG简介 Introduction of Horizons&CCG


  As a highly professional advisory firm focused on cross-border transactions, Horizons is dedicated to providing customized law&tax solutions,helping the clients to flourish in the global environment. No matter in which area, law system, Whether it is socialist law, customary law, civil law or Islamic law, with comprehensive and in-depth capabilities, Horizons could help clients quickly and efficiently provide successful legal, tax and corporate governance solutions to maximize their benefits.


  Horizons Corporate Advisory introduces the China Collaborative Group (CCG), a professional services advisory made up of business and legal experts from China and abroad. the CCG ‘superteam’ employs a multilateral approach to successfully facilitate China inbound and outbound investment. This is CCG’s path of success, begun with one focal point and leveraging a multitude of cross-cultural corporate law expertise; serving locally to achieve global results.


  CCG is a global-minded business group whose strength is having an eye toward a future that includes China as a vibrant global partner for business excellence and winning ways along The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road, also known as Belt and Road.

  CCG顾问专题讨论 Panel Discussions with CCG Advisors

  会议首先由特邀嘉宾进行开幕致辞。 CCG路演研讨会深圳站的特邀嘉宾邀请到来自深圳市走出去战略合作联盟副会长兼秘书长孙天璐女士发言,孙秘书长详细解读了习近平总书记“一带一路”的号召,并指出在此背景下,坚持对外开放,必须深度了解世界经济体系。赫力晟中国为我国企业走出去提供更好的智力支持和法律服务。

  The seminar would begin with the VIP guest speech. The VIP guest of roadshow seminar Shenzhen is the the secretary Lucy Sun, from Shenzhen Outbound Alliance. She detailed interpret President Xi’s initiative “Belt and Road”, and pointed out that in this context, people must deeply understand the world economic system. Horizons is a good platform providing better intellectual support and legal services for Chinese enterprises to go global.

  特邀嘉宾结束发言后,研讨会分成上下两部分,由专家组成员进行精彩专题演讲。他们是来自哥斯达黎加,塞浦路斯,法国,意大利,墨西哥 ,尼日利亚,葡萄牙,西班牙,美国,瑞士,土耳其等17个国家的资深顾问。就企业境外投资中最核心的问题,分别展开主题演讲。Georgiou K 是塞浦路斯当地知名律师事务所的创始合伙人,该事务所的专业团队为跨境投资的企业提供法律服务,协助客户开展跨境交易和复杂诉讼案件。本次研讨会中,他就“海外投资中的税收制度重要性”进行阐释说明。来自意大利的Lucia是赫力晟意大利的区域合伙人,她的专业在于国际法、企业法和工业法律,跨国商务谈判和相关问题解决策略是她擅长的部分。就“境外投资中对于股东的保护”,Lucia进行了精彩的演讲。

  After VIP Guest’s speech, the seminar is divided into two parts: Panel Discussions with CCG Advisors. There is a diverse gathering of advisory professionals from numerous countries and regions, including Australia, Austria, Costa Rica, Cyprus, France, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and USA, and they shared their insights for the key problem. GEORGIOU K GEORGIOU, founding partner at Georgios K. Georgiou LLC in Larnaca, Cyprus. The firm is a specialized team to provides legal services
and assists clients in their cross-border transactions and complex litigation cases. He explained about the importance of taxation system in global investment. Lucia Myriam Netti is regional partner at Horizons Corporate Advisory, Horizons Italy
in Torino, Italy. The fim’s strength lies in the sensitivity it brings in creating solutions that serve multiple, cross-border stakeholders. Her expertise includes international, corporate and industrial law, as well as transnational business negotiation and related problem-solving strategies. For “the protection of the stakeholders in global investment”, she made an excellent speech.


  The diverse gathering of advisory professionals combined CCG Advisory Group, serves the clients with a one team, one focal point, one purpose approach. They committed to provide investors with innovative solutions in flexible cross-border cooperation in all kinds of complex cross-border cooperation. They have decades of customer service experience and have worked as partners in their respective nationally renowned law firms providing specialized legal and legal related services. And the practice focus covers a wide range of business areas.


  In the “winning ways of investment” seminar, you can find almost 100 entrepreneurs from around the country. Among the invitation-only attendees will be CEOs, CFOs, COOs and other management level persons; Boards of Directors; and reputable high net worth individuals. And received strong support from government departments, financial institutions and social groups for the CCG Roadshow Seminar. The guests expressed their gratitude toward Horizons that they gain an informed knowledge and a solution-driven understanding of cross-border investment and insights for global success. Horizons is a an excellent global corporate to promote all-around success of cross-border partnership!


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